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1. length

When we find length of array or string then we can use this method.

1. Truthy and Falsy Values-

When we check condition we must depend truthy or falsy values. So what is truthy and falsy values?
We condition matched then it return truthy value and when condition not matched then return falsy value.

This is a simple example check condition

let num=12;if(num){console.log("true");}else{console.log("false");}

In this condition we just check values are exists or not in num variable? At first we declared 12 in num that means the num variable did not empty. So must be condition was true that mean print true.

let num=0;if(num){console.log("true");}else{console.log("false");}

In this condition…

1. It’s Not A Framework-

Basically Framework already have some own decision. But React is a library. User can make his/her own decision in library but in framework user cannot make his/her own decision. Also framework is largest but Library is small.

2. JSX-

JSX is like a html which render by ReactDOM. It’s totally work by ReactDom API. That means we can write html code in react js that is called jsx. Not only html code we can also write react js component.

Without JSX

const HelloWorld = () => {
return React.createElement(
"Hello World"

With JSX

const HelloWorld = () =>…

1. Comment-

When we explain the javaScript code then we use comment. Comment is very important thing for all developer. If we use comment in future other developer can easily understand with their code.

Comment Basically two types. Single line comment and multiple line comment.

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